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Step-by-step guide for preparing your speech

This represents the foundation of your training in public speaking. We include these tools in our paid training programs. After seeing our clients benefit from them we decided to offer it for free to our subscribers.

Tips for increasing audience engagement

You've probably heard a lot of people say that how you present is more important than what you say. In this guide, we prepared some tips to help your content shine.


It's always useful to have a list of things to check off before an important presentation. Don't you feel that it gives you some peace of mind?

About Better Speech Coach

Better Speech Coach started in early 2020, incentivized by the lack of good opportunities to practice public speaking regularly. Our goal is to create a community where people speak their minds in a concise and convincing manner and give each other feedback on the delivery.

We organize regular training sessions where our clients take the virtual stage for a few minutes and receive feedback afterwards. We are also working on a digital platform and continuously develop materials to help people improve their communication skills.

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