60 mins of 1:1 coaching


A 60 mins online coaching session tailored to your needs.

This is for you if:

  • you want to improve your communication or public speaking skills or
  • you strive to understand yourself better and align your life with your vision and values or
  • you are looking for guidance with respect to careers that would suit you or
  • personal development is something you value

Your trainer will be Teodora Păucean, with 4 years of experience in corporate training, coaching and recruiting, and a background in psychology and conflict management.

Get to know her better here: https://betterspeechcoach.com/sign-up-for-training


Book your session now:

Step 1:  Choose a slot in my calendar: https://calendly.com/teodoraiulia-paucean/coaching-session

Step 2: Pay for the session by adding this product to cart. It will redirect you to the check out page.

Step 3: I will send you a confirmation and get in touch with you via email.




I am offering 1:1 coaching sessions for those who want to either improve their communication skills, or to improve the quality of their life by making better decisions, understanding themselves better and aligning their life with their vision and values.

The number of sessions depends on your motivations and goals for the coaching process.

See more details and offers on our product description page: https://betterspeechcoach.com/sign-up-for-training/

What our clients say:

“I’ve been working with Teo for 3 months now and the results are amazing! Based on my Myers-Briggs type we’ve been working on my strengths and weaknesses which allows me to focus on and change problems I wasn’t aware of. Although I’m a communication coach myself, the coaching sessions with Teo provide new and helpful value that has helped me to improve. 5 stars for sure!” – Sebastian Loos


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