Personal Development Session (60 Minutes)


A 60 mins online session tailored to your personal development needs.

This is for you if:

  • you want to improve your communication or public speaking skills or
  • you strive to understand yourself better and align your life with your vision and values or
  • you are interested in understanding the MBTI and Enneagram theories and how they apply to you and your life
  • you are looking for guidance with respect to careers that would suit you or
  • you need help with your resume or with interview preparation or
  • you are interested in general personal development

I am Teodora Păucean and I have 4 years of experience in corporate training, coaching and recruiting, and a background in psychology and conflict management.

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I am offering 1:1 personal development sessions for those who want are looking to improve the quality of their life by making better decisions, understanding themselves better and aligning their life with their vision and values.

The number of sessions depends on your motivations and goals for the coaching process.

What our clients say:

“I’ve been working with Teo for 3 months now and the results are amazing! Based on my Myers-Briggs type we’ve been working on my strengths and weaknesses which allows me to focus on and change problems I wasn’t aware of. Although I’m a communication coach myself, the coaching sessions with Teo provide new and helpful value that has helped me to improve. 5 stars for sure!” – Sebastian Loos


        “I first met Teo at a public speaking training organized by Better Speech Coach. She gave us very clear, concise, and easy-to-implement tips on how to deliver an impactful speech and created, together with the other members of Better Speech Coach, a very warm environment where even newbies like me ended up feeling comfortable. After the public speaking training, I continued with coaching sessions with Teodora, who turned out to be not only very methodical and knowledgeable on career matters, but also very empathetic and supportive on personal ones. She knows when not to push too hard in one direction and can easily adapt to whatever the topic of a session turns out to be. You can really tell that Teo absolutely loves what she does!” – Bianca Stoian


“I originally reached out to Teo to help me with some life alignment coaching. However, what stood out to me the most was her Enneagram expertise. I have always wanted to learn more about how MBTI and Enneagram can work together. Teo has been an amazing teacher of Enneagram in a way that helps me integrate it into my life. I found that her process for teaching is very digestible and feels so natural that I forget I’m actually in a coaching session! I officially recommend Teo as part of my services for anybody needing Enneagram coaching. She is a wealth of knowledge and a very well-developed INFJ.” – Joe Arrigo


Even with a certain experience with teaching and public speaking, I’ve discovered in Teodora a great mentor and coach while following her company’s program – Better Speech Coach. Well educated and experienced with adult education, Teodora made a custom program for me and her feedback helped me to improve my speech from one session to the other. Empathy and customer care are others qualities and working together has been enjoyable for both of us. I wish her the deserved success, many students to attend her programs, even public speaking or coaching.” – Gabriela Berechet


“I’ve been working with Teodora for half a year and all I can say is that she really changed my life. And it’s not in a cliché manner of speaking. She helped me understand my personality better, the pros and cons and how to work more efficiently with myself and actually get to know myself better.
For any tougher situation that I faced she offered me multiple objective perspectives from which I could see them and how to interpret everything that was happening in my life.
We did interesting exercises in which I was able to expand my view over things and really helped me to get better in the aspects of life which I considered important.
All in all, I think everybody should have a Teodora in their life.” – Tudor Bodea


Working with Teodora was a fantastic experience. I’ve had the opportunity to attend her Public Speaking training at Better Speech Coach. Her capability to understand my fears and emotions helped me overcome those difficulties. I enjoyed working with her, and the fact that she is constantly encountering problems with a smiling face gave me a positive vibe. I recommend her to anyone who is looking to understand themselves better!” – Mihai Mătrăgună


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