Communication training! Individual activities & 1:1 coaching


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Expressing yourself with confidence doesn’t have to be hard. Saying NO doesn’t have to be hard.


Sign up for our 6-week online program where you can improve your communication skills!


How does our training help you?


  • Learn how to speak assertively in emotionally tense situations


  • Learn how to manage conflicts with people you care about without feeling out of control


  • Learn what your personal communication patterns are and how they impact the quality of your relationships


  • Learn what are the common pitfalls when it comes to efficient communication and what to do to overcome them


  • Learn to speak clearly and concisely in order to get your point across, even in difficult contexts


What’s included:

  • An initial coaching session via Video Call to set objectives for the program
  • Access to a collection of practical exercises that help you feel more at ease expressing your thoughts and emotions in front of other people
  • Four 1:1 coaching sessions via Video Call where you can discuss the topics previously learned more in-depth, understand your emotional barriers better and take clear steps toward improving your communication skills


Offered in both English and Romanian, you can let us know which one you’re more comfortable with before the beginning of the program.

You can book the sessions in advance here:

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