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We know, being a speaker, having people watching while you present, can be scary. In fact, it’s scary for about 3/4 of the population!

So why would you expose yourself to opinion and critique in group training? 🤔

  1. Because getting practical experience is the only way to get over your fear of failure and expand your comfort zone.
  2. Because it’s fun! Seriously, if you miss human interaction, our group sessions are the next best thing to getting tacos in town with your friends 🤓
  3. Because an experienced coach is always by your side, supporting you and giving you feedback 😊


Speaking in public IS NOT just a skill that trainers, politicians and people that regularly speak at conferences need to master.


Public speaking has become an integral part of self-confidence, personal branding, and persuasion.


So how do public speaking skills help you?


  • Sell yourself at job interviews to GET THE JOB you want⁠ if you are looking for a professional change


  • ⁠ Speak clearly and concisely to capture the attention ⁠of potential CUSTOMERS and increase SALES if you are a freelancer or entrepreneur


  • Become RELAXED when speaking in front of an online ⁠or offline audience⁠ and stop worrying about the presentation for days


  • Create PowerPoint presentations that are to your ⁠advantage when giving a speech⁠


  • Manage the LOGISTICS associated with the online ⁠environment when giving presentations on Zoom⁠: the camera does NOT have to be your enemy!


  • ⁠ Overcome your FEAR OF EXPRESSION 


  • Promote yourself in situations that are important to ⁠you, personally or professionally⁠


What’s included:


  • Access to a collection of practical exercises that help you feel more at ease when presenting by overcoming your fears associated with public speaking
  • 8 steps to follow when preparing your speech, each including a practical activity and mentor feedback on your speech
  • You will prepare and deliver 4 speeches, in front of a live online audience on Zoom
  • A  45 minute 1:1 coaching session after each speech, to talk about what went well and things you could still work on


The practical session are usually on Thursday or Friday, but we’re pretty flexible! Just let us know what works best for you and we’ll do our best to accommodate that.


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